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Ascent Lifting – Affiliated Companies

The synergies between Ascent Lifting and our affiliated companies have created a vertically integrated platform that is ideal for the organic growth of both top and bottom lines.

Completed April, 2023

Completed September, 2022

Completed February, 2023

Completed September, 2022


Ascent Lifting, Inc. is a valued-added full-service distributor, wholesaler and fabricator of rigging products, including chain, wire rope, synthetic slings and other related hardware, serving the needs of customers operating in construction and industrial end markets.

Do you know where your rigging supplies came from?

We do. Our global sourcing program is as selective as it gets. We have been using the same factories and partners for over 20 years. This is because we choose only the best quality factories and products. Being an importer requires discipline. There is always a cheaper source.

But is that cheaper source really the type of company that can provide the testing, reliability, raw material consistency and service that Ascent Lifting demands? Not usually. We’d walk away from an order before we offered a sub-standard product at a cheaper price. Here at Advantage, what we are really selling is safety.

Our consistent travel to our source factories and mills allows us to develop new products, inspect our shipments, audit factory testing procedures and to negotiate the pricing and service we need. As a result, our factory partners are chosen after a rigorous mill qualification protocol that starts with a factory visit. If they are chosen (which is rare), they enter an ongoing and continuous quality audit program that allows us to offer our customers only the finest products. We have complete confidence in our products because we do our due diligence.